Andy Wright has over 20 years servicing Western Pennsylvania’s industrial base and is passionate about 5S propelling sustainable growth by optimizing processes and eliminating wastes. As a dynamic leader and trusted advisor, he has managed a diverse client base in oil & gas, power generation, OEM, and manufacturing. After mastering his craft for over two decades, Andy developed expertise and proficiency in implementing 5S methodologies for small to mid-sized companies. With a certification as a Six Sigma Yellow Belt, he is skilled in collaborating with others to improve workflow, increase productivity, enhance safety and create a culture of continuous improvement. Andy possesses the expertise to implement and sustain 5S methodologies, enabling companies to achieve tangible improvements in workplace organization. Together we CANDO 5S!


Optimize workplace safety and efficiency by implementing 5S strategies to maximize rewards and positive change.


Conscientious: Principled, Meticulous, Respectful

Collaborative: Communicative, Respective Expertise, Partners

Clever: Innovative, Creative, Resourceful, Adaptable, Continuous Improvement, Flexible


No MUDA: Minimize waste and motion

KISS: Keep It Simple (Stupid)

Lean: Leverage complimentary Lean principles